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Refund Policy


Canceling a Service has to be done a minimum of 12 hours before the scheduled time to be eligible for a full refund (minus any transaction fees).

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly Subscriptions can be canceled anytime. No refund will be issued for unused Services within a Monthly Subscription.

For example, if a Month-to-Month subscription is canceled with 2 remaining 1-on-1 Coaching Calls on them, the remaining sessions will not be refunded.


Subscription Packages

Packages can be ​canceled at any time. The unused Services that are part of that Package will be refunded at the prorated rate, minus any transaction fees.

For example, canceling a 6-Month Package with 1 month remaining allows for that remaining month of services to be refunded, minus any transaction fees.

The only exception to this is if canceling a Package would also cancel a Service within less than 12 hours. That specific Service would then not be refunded.

Transaction Fees

All refunds are subject to transaction fees at the buyer's expense.

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